Penis extenders are pretty popular gadgets these days and there is perfectly good reason for that. Compared to the alternatives, they give pretty good results and they are not costly. Furthermore, they are perfectly safe if used properly and many bad things which could happen with alternative methods are avoided here.

First, let us see what the alternatives are and why penis extenders are so good. There are several methods for penis enlargement. Amongst the most popular are penis pumps, specially designed exercises, penis enlargement surgery, oral supplements and penis extenders.

Surgery is 100% proof method, since it will provide the wanted outcome in question of size. The penis will be bigger but many men are completely dissatisfied with how it looks after the surgery. Even worse, sometimes these surgeries can lead to loosing erectile function. Final downside of this method is its price. These surgeries are very expensive thus not available to many men.

Oral supplements for penis enlargement are pretty good product. They will increase your sex drive and performance in bed, but they aren’t proven to be doing what they should. Namely, many men claim that they didn’t get any increase in size. Still, these pills are natural and they can’t harm. They will increase performance and endurance but they will be pretty ineffective when it comes to size.

Special exercises are at least said problematic. Many people have completely different experiences with them. Some claim that they managed to gain size, while others said that there were no changes whatsoever.

Penis pumps are made for completely different purpose. Namely, they should provide the erecting and not to increase penis size. Still, some people claim that they have given them some inches. This method is unproven so it will most probably turn to be waste of time and money.

Finally, we come to penis extenders. This method gives the best results compared to the other methods. It will provide you with larger member, and it will do it perfectly safe and without large expenses. It works in pretty simple way and that is what is so great with it. It basically pulls your member and makes microscopic ruptures in its tissue. Over time, your body is building additional cells to fill those little holes. As it grows extra tissue, the change is permanent and you will have it bigger for good. Now, there are several important things to know about how to use these gadgets. Do not put it on the maximum adjustment in the beginning. That can be pretty painful and can even injure your member. Best ways to start with minimum adjustments and to wear it for short period of time during the day. When your body is used to it, you can gradually increase the traction force and duration of wearing it. If there are some exercises recommended in the manual, you should do them as they are designed to remove stress and improve effects. If you stick with the instructions to the t, you should be pretty satisfied with outcome.