There’s a fair amount of skepticism and disbelief when it comes to the whole penis extenders.

market. Many guys would love to get an extra inch or three where it matters the most, but many of them think that the only way to do that is to undergo expensive, painful and potentially dangerous surgery. Even when they hear about penis extenders – usually by reading about them online or by seeing an advertisement on late night TV or in a men’s magazine, they still believe that it’s just a way for marketers to make money off the gullible.

And while it is true that penis extenders market has had it’s share of scammers and snake oil peddlers, there are a lot of good, honest products that can actually deliver on the promised results. And there certainly is a lot of interest in the topic of penis extenders, and it’s easy to understand why. Self improvement is such an important goal for so many people. Most of us are constantly learning new skills, absorbing new knowledge, getting stronger, slimmer, fitter – so why not bigger?

And while most people would never admit that their size gains are the result of using penis extenders, the constantly rising number of penis extenders sold per year is proof enough that more and more people are using them. And who knows – maybe that colleague or friend who suddenly changed from a shy, introverted nerd to a self confident, assertive alpha male, is a secret happy user of penis extenders.

And still, even though penis extenders are slowly but surely becoming mainstream, and even though there’s empirical and hard evidence that every fraction of an inch worth of penis growth will result in a tenfold improvement of a man’s confidence and self worth, so many people are ready to dismiss penis extenders and their users as “lame” or “pathetic”. Interestingly enough, no one thinks it’s funny that women are always looking for ways to improve their figure, facial features and breast size. Just as women feel so much better when their partners compliment their breast, every guy feels like the king of the world when a woman comments positively on the size of his penis. Call it shallow, vain or whatever you want, but the fact remains that penis extenders work – and they are here to stay.

And if scientific evidence that collaborates the claims to penis extenders effectiveness doesn’t satisfy your skepticism, use your head for a minute. If penis extenders were not effective, would there still be such a huge interest in them? Would professional, expert medical and scientific research facilities devote so much of their time and resources in continuously improving and tweaking existing penis extenders? Right at this moment, a number of intelligent, educated, well paid scientists are looking for new ways to make already effective penis extender device just a bit better, easier to use and safer. All that time and effort has already resulted in successes, and they are only growing as time passes.